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Dine Out Vancouver – 2009

Rex Rotisserie and Grill

Located in Bentall Centre, downtown, I had never been there previously. It was nicely situated behind a water fountain. However, there was almost no one in the restaurant. Granted, it was the first night of Dine Out, I was a bit surprised.

Click on pictures for description. Sorry the pictures are dark, no flash was used.


Really, quite a mediocre run of the mill restaurant. Nothing fabulous. The best was the appy, but even that was not that great. All in all, I don’t think I would go back again. Nothing wrong in particular, but just not worth the $28. Not in terms of quantity, but quality.


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Purple yam custard

Light, easy and tasty purple yam custard. I know, this purple colour may seem artificial to you, but there was truly no colouring added! So if you like purple, or you’re on the purple diet, then here’s the recipe for you. What’s more is that it can be adapted with kobocha or something similar, and you can add whatever spices/flavourings you desire.

This recipe was originally intended to be used with kobocha, as it was given to me by a Japanese friend who made really delicious desserts. The texture is just like a creme caramel, without the richness. And if you leave in some chunks, then you can really taste the delicious purple yam.

Pictures to come.
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Stay tuned

Soon to come… excellent simple and healthy recipes for your sweet tooth.

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