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Low fat sponge cake #2

So, I’m on the continuing quest to find a good cake recipe to act as a base for my celebration cakes. Today, I went with a recipe from a friend. Strangely enough, it comes from a baker from Safeway. But I’m assured that this wasn’t made for the store, but for his personal use. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Safeway baked goods. It’s just that they aren’t exactly known for Asian-style cakes).


Taste: This one is moist with a light crust on the outside. It is a Chinese-style sponge cake. It’s similar to what you would buy in a Chinese bakery, where they sell it as a paper-lined sponge cake and “gai dan goh”. Or in a Chinese fresh fruit cream cake. If you wish, you can add some vanilla for a nice fragrance. But I generally leave it out if it will be in a filled cake.


Texture: Definitely sliceable when cool. The texture is just a bit drier than the hot milk sponge cake, which makes it more sliceable. But as you can see, the crumb is also very fine. There are a few tricks to getting the crumb this way. It doesn’t work for me everytime. But when the egg whites are just beaten in the right way, they will produce this nice crumb. It stays moist when well wrapped in plastic wrap or a cake case. Let me know if you would like to know how I beat the meringue. Although it’s a pretty forgiving recipe.

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Low fat hot milk sponge cake


Coming off the delicious high of the chocolate lava cake and cookies, I wanted to make something low fat. So I opted for a simple cake. The hot milk sponge cake is nice and easy because it doesn’t require you to beat the egg white and yolks separately. I believe that this changes the crumb of the cake a bit. Compared to the chiffon cake, this cake has a very fine and even crumb with no opportunity for large air bubbles.

For this recipe, I adjusted a hot milk sponge cake recipe I found on RecipeZaar. I used directions from Alice Medrich’s hot milk sponge cake because her sponge cake is the best I’ve ever made. It retains its moistness days later and freezes very well. However, there are many egg yolds and more fat in that I recipe and I wanted to see if I could cut down on that.

Taste: The aroma was nice and it was definitely delectable. For my tastes, it was a tad on the sweet side. So I think that I would cut back on the sugar to 1/3 cup and see if it still tasted sweet enough. I will try to cut down on the baking powder to 1/4-1/2tsp. I think that this might have affected the depth of the flavour, so I would adjust this before increasing the butter a bit.


Texture: It was very very soft and moist. I really liked the fine crumb of this compared to the chiffon cake. So I think that I would prefer to make this to the chiffon cake because the crumb is more beautiful. Sorry, but the picture doesn’t do it justice. The compromise is in the height of the cake, as it is not as high as the chiffon. But this cake will also give more consistent results, and there is not as much room for error in the folding. Continue reading

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Low fat, low sugar orange chiffon cake


One of my favourite blogs to try recipes from is Do what I like. Almost every recipe that I’ve tried from there has been a winner. In my rampage for low fat cake recipes, I’ve tried her chiffon cake.

In my mind, the key to a successful chiffon is that it is still soft and moist the next day. This is a big problem with sponge cakes for me, as it becomes hard and chewy very quickly. Luckily, this one was still just as delicious the next day. I scaled her recipe to use 3 eggs in a 9″ tube pan because I didn’t want to waste too many ingredients if it failed. But it worked and rose beautifully. The taste is just right for me, not too sweet. I think that I may try to cut the sugar back just a bit more. And I may want to play around, substituting strawberry puree for orange juice.

Look at the fine texture. Small crumbs, and not many big holes.


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