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Chocolate lava cake and cookies

Today, A, E and I made a successful lava cake. To top it off, we added Haagen Daas vanilla ice cream and sliced frozen strawberries. It was soooo delish! The picture is not that great, but the taste was phenomenal. I think that it was because 71% dark chocolate was used (Ritter extra fine dark chocolate squares). I had been worried that the cake wouldn’t turn out becuase all the egg ingredients had been beaten together all at once instead of beating the whole egg separately first. However, this didn’t seem to affect the cake negatively. Also, the batter wasn’t so fragile that ambitious folding affected it much.img_0013.jpgHaving some ooey gooey yummy dark chocolate left over, we decided to put it into our white chocolate almost vegan cookies (not a drop of butter or egg is in the dough!). Unfortunately, I had forgotten to mention that the cookies needed to be flattened before baking. So 1″ balls of cookie were popped into the oven, but didn’t flatten. So halfway through, we realized our error and decided to flatten. However, by this point, the chocolate had already been softened and exploded all over the top of the cookie as they were being flattened. Nonetheless, this was such a delicious cookie and low fat to boot! It didn’t taste vegan at all! It tasted like a rich normal white chocolate chip cookie. It really amazes me how solid fat could be taken out without any ill effect.


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Chocolate lava cake… a flop

So, it was bound to happen. I was happily going on my baking ways, when this horribly ugly cake came about. I was practising a new recipe, as I’ll be having a baking potluck with a few close friends. They really like lava cake, so I decided for a trial run. But yuck, it did not work. Basically, I whisked a whole egg with some salt, sugar and vanilla. Then I folded in some melted dark chocolate and butter, followed by the tiniest smidgeon of flour.

I had hid a bit of white chocolate in the batter to melt and ooze out. But the result was that the chocolate sunk to the bottom. (Not enough flour perhaps?) And the white chocolate did not really melt, while the dark chocolate was still quite raw. The whole concoction tasted quite eggy. The plus side was that it was a small recipe and it didn’t take too much of my time or my beautiful chocolate. In the garbage you go! And I’m just disheartened enough to try again… 🙂

(I’m not including the recipe for obvious reasons.)

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White chocolate cranberry muffins


Have you ever craved something so much, you’d go out to the store 5 minutes before closing just to get the ingredient you needed?? That’s me with chocolate. Ahh. the 5th food group. That’s surprisingly healthy as well. Luckily, this time, I have padded my pantry with chocolate to last me a good while, should I not bake excessively.

So… due to my new-found glut of Purdy’s white chocolate bars, I have had to find something to do with them. Googling up white chocolate recipes was not easy, lemme tell you. I wanted white chocolate recipes that were not too buttery in themselves, as white chocolate is luxurious enough as it is.

Finally, I stumbled upon a recipe from Godiva’s website. It was for white chocolate cheesecake muffins. Not feeling the need to gain 20lb, I opted out of the cheesecake and settled to gain 10. Oh boy, were these worth it. It you like a crispy top, these are the muffins for you. I halved the recipe and took out some oil and sugar. It didn’t compromise the taste from what I could tell. The texture of the insides are nice and soft. Truly, best eaten warm. And it took me less than 1/2hr to put together and eat. A big plus!

Next time I try this, I think I’ll flavor half of it with matcha and do a marbled loaf. Or I might switch it up and make them in madeleine pans, which would give these a really cute shape.

Plus, this is my first submission ever to a blog event. Sugar High Friday’s -Cravings.

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