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Blueberry coffeecake


On the westcoast, people seem to be especially green and ecofriendly. By this point, you have probably heard about the 100 mile diet, where people eat foods produced within a 100 mile radius of them. That’s right, folks… it’s possible! (Albeit a bit more pricey. I try to buy local, which allows foods to be packed with the utmost nutrients and saving on pollution from the transport by cutting down on the journey travelled.

The key to this is cooking seasonally. As it is blueberry season here, the blueberries came from an organic U-pick farm. Oh, how I love U-pick! It’s a smorgasboard of berry delights, and you can eat until your fingers and tongue turn blue while you’re getting the exercise from picking the berries. In addition to this, the eggs are from a local free-range chicken farm. This free-range thing is really not just a trend, as many civic establishments will only be allowed to use such eggs from now on. So this is my entry for the Earth Food Monthly Mingle.


While I didn’t source the flour and other ingredients from local sources, I know that it could have been done. Although I’m trying to incorporate slowly this local eating so that a practical balance can be achieved. But making a conscious effort to buy locally is my little way of reducing my footprint.

This coffee cake is the most addictive recipe ever! I must warn you, that once you’ve made it, you better have someone to share it with, or you might find yourself eating the whole thing unknowingly. Freeze the extras to be safe. It’s jam-packed full of antioxidant blueberry power, and with only a moderate amount of butter, so it’s well worth the baking effort.


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July 24, 2007 Posted by | Blueberries, Cake | 3 Comments

Mmm.. apples!

Apple kuchen

It’s not really that time of year yet. But the weather has been rainy and cold here of late. So that warm apple cinnamon taste definitely helps.

I can’t remember exactly where I pulled this recipe from because it was a while ago. But it’s very easy to make with nice results. I added a jam glaze and icing sugar on the top for some extra impact.

Verdict: The taste was a bit bland. I should add more sugar next time. Also, the cake ended up being a bit flat. It might fare better in a 8″ pan. But it looks like I spent a lot of time on it 🙂

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June 9, 2007 Posted by | Apple, Blueberries | 1 Comment