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Low fat sponge cake #2

So, I’m on the continuing quest to find a good cake recipe to act as a base for my celebration cakes. Today, I went with a recipe from a friend. Strangely enough, it comes from a baker from Safeway. But I’m assured that this wasn’t made for the store, but for his personal use. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Safeway baked goods. It’s just that they aren’t exactly known for Asian-style cakes).


Taste: This one is moist with a light crust on the outside. It is a Chinese-style sponge cake. It’s similar to what you would buy in a Chinese bakery, where they sell it as a paper-lined sponge cake and “gai dan goh”. Or in a Chinese fresh fruit cream cake. If you wish, you can add some vanilla for a nice fragrance. But I generally leave it out if it will be in a filled cake.


Texture: Definitely sliceable when cool. The texture is just a bit drier than the hot milk sponge cake, which makes it more sliceable. But as you can see, the crumb is also very fine. There are a few tricks to getting the crumb this way. It doesn’t work for me everytime. But when the egg whites are just beaten in the right way, they will produce this nice crumb. It stays moist when well wrapped in plastic wrap or a cake case. Let me know if you would like to know how I beat the meringue. Although it’s a pretty forgiving recipe.

Chinese Sponge cake recipe


one Angel cake pan

6 Eggs

1 cup Flour

1/2 Cup Sugar

1/8 teaspoonful Salt

4 tablespoonfuls Oil

1/2 Cup Water

1/8 teaspoonful Baking Powder

1/8 teaspoonful Creme of Tarter



** beat egg yolk and egg white separately**

1. beat up egg yolk with Beater, mix in Sugar, Salt, Water, Oil. Mix in Flour in 3 portions.

2. Add Baking Powder and Creme of Tarter to Egg white; beat up with Beater until creamy (the most important step, egg white should be beaten so well that it won’t drip even if the bowl is put up-side-down)

3. Add egg white into egg yolk; cut and fold; be as gentle as possible

4. pre heat oven 350F, bake 35-40 minutes

5. after cake is taken out from oven, let it cool up-side-down (so it stays spongy)



July 17, 2007 - Posted by | Asian dessert, Cake, Low fat


  1. Do you want your base cake to be low fat?? If not, I have a recipe for white cake (from Nic’s Baking Bites, former Baking Sheet blog) that is excellent. I keep using it – it’s wonderful and I’ve used many different fillings and icings, with great results.

    Comment by Patricia Scarpin | July 18, 2007

  2. Thanks for that tip. I went to check out that recipe and it looks great. I’ll definitely be trying that out. Low fat is always a plus, but we still need to live a little!

    Comment by easybakeoven | July 18, 2007

  3. hi,
    i want to know what do you mean by ‘cut and fold’?

    Comment by Ling | December 28, 2008

  4. This was a great recipe! Thx for sharing! I ususally stay away from things where you fold something into egg whites, but as you said, it’s a very forgiving recipe! a bit eggy tasting at first, but definitely yummy!! The closest I’m sure I’ll get to chinese sponge cake!

    Comment by sara b | March 13, 2009

  5. 6 eggs!! That’s definitely not low fat !!

    Comment by sonia | November 17, 2009

  6. Whoa I get pleasure from that you taking up the subject of Low fat sponge cake #2 Easy Bake Oven.
    It’s good to read something similar to this on the internet eventually. Reminds myself of eczema alternative that i was reading in relation to just recently for whatever reason. Anyway, have a good day while keeping on posting!

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