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Macaron Batch #2


I’ve been surfing food blogs for a while… drooling at the delicious pictures. One of the recipes that I’ve wanted to try most is the macaron. So yesterday, I decided to give it a shot. I made the macaron batter using the Italian meringue method found on many websites. I then separated the batter into 3 and flavoured with matcha, raspberry and vanilla extract, and espresso powder. For the filling, I made an Italian buttercream with chocolate. Unfortunately, the tops of every single one of them cracked! And to top it off, there were no feet on any of them. I dare not show the pictures.

So on to round 2 today! Today, I made a small batch of matcha macarons since those tasted the best from yesterday. I adapted a recipe from David Leibovitz’ blog . It worked just perfectly! So I’ve included the steps with some pictures below.

Matcha Macarons with Red Bean Paste (Makes 10 macaron sandwiches)

1. Sift 25g almond powder, matcha powder and 50g powdered sugar.

(Tip: I sifted the powdered sugar to get the lumps out. Then I just added in the powdered almonds straight from the store. I found that this didn’t affect the smooth surface too much and it saved a heckuva lot of time.)

2. Whip 1 egg white to soft peaks and add 2tbsp of granulated sugar gradually. Then whip on high until stiff peaks.

3. Add half the meringue to the powder mixture and mix until smooth. Then add the rest of the meringue until it’s homogeneous and smooth.

(Tip: I wasn’t gentle here. I got in there with my scraper until it was running smoothly)

4. Pipe the batter into 1 inch rounds (using my piping bag with a 1 cm tip). Remember to drop the sheet pan several times on the counter to thin out the batter.

(I got lazy here and used some wrinkled parchment. Next time I’ll used my silicone for a smooth surface.)

Piped macarons

5. Then I doubled my sheet pans and put it into a 375F oven for 15 minutes. Then hopefully beautiful meringues will emerge from your oven. As you can see, some of mine cracked. I think it’s because my oven is a bit uneven.

Baked macarons

6. Then, sandwich with the filling and serve. I boiled red beans for about an hour. Then I passed them through a sieve. I microwaved some red bean jelly that I had and added this to the red beans for a sweet paste-like consistency.

Finished macaron

Verdict: They tasted really really great and looked even better. The finished product was a little fragile and one cracked after handling. But all in all, very satisfying. My red bean paste was intentionally a little salty to balance the intense macaron sweetness perfectly (because I generally make lightly sweetened desserts). My friend was so happy that with it that she’s putting them in her store for sale. Yeah!


June 10, 2007 - Posted by | Macarons, Matcha, Red bean


  1. I’ve never tried Macarons yet either… someday soon, I give it a try!

    Comment by Janet | July 9, 2007

  2. Could you please let me know what MATCHA powder is? Can I find it in a supermarket?
    I’d love to be able to make beautiful Macarons like yours, it’s a dream! Have tried 5 times but never succeeded! They seemed to rise well in the oven but once I took them out, everything became FLAT! Will i ever make it?!
    Thks for yr advice.

    Comment by Jennifer | November 11, 2007

  3. i’m pretty sure these are french style macarons, not italian. the italian ones are made by cooking sugar with the eggwhites. however, i’ve used the french style almost half a dozen times now and can’t get them right, so kudos to you!

    Comment by grace | December 6, 2007

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