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Low calorie chocolate banana cookie

After a weekend of luxurious macarons, I felt the need to overcompensate with a low calorie breakfast cookie. No pictures, because it’s not a sight to behold. But it’s relatively tasty, if you don’t mind a soft texture. Best of all, it’s guilt free. Now, it’s off to my humdrum of salad and cereal once more!

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Macaron Batch #2


I’ve been surfing food blogs for a while… drooling at the delicious pictures. One of the recipes that I’ve wanted to try most is the macaron. So yesterday, I decided to give it a shot. I made the macaron batter using the Italian meringue method found on many websites. I then separated the batter into 3 and flavoured with matcha, raspberry and vanilla extract, and espresso powder. For the filling, I made an Italian buttercream with chocolate. Unfortunately, the tops of every single one of them cracked! And to top it off, there were no feet on any of them. I dare not show the pictures.

So on to round 2 today! Today, I made a small batch of matcha macarons since those tasted the best from yesterday. I adapted a recipe from David Leibovitz’ blog . It worked just perfectly! So I’ve included the steps with some pictures below.

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Mmm.. apples!

Apple kuchen

It’s not really that time of year yet. But the weather has been rainy and cold here of late. So that warm apple cinnamon taste definitely helps.

I can’t remember exactly where I pulled this recipe from because it was a while ago. But it’s very easy to make with nice results. I added a jam glaze and icing sugar on the top for some extra impact.

Verdict: The taste was a bit bland. I should add more sugar next time. Also, the cake ended up being a bit flat. It might fare better in a 8″ pan. But it looks like I spent a lot of time on it 🙂

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